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Agir Romantik

Agir Romantik

As a single child Asli has been spoiled during her childhood and when it comes to relationships she has been waiting for her Prince Charming for years but hasn't found her still.

She wants her lover to be very refined, romantic, kind, emotional and a true gentleman. Asli dreams of a man like her father and thus does not date anyone for years. And years later she comes across Kerem. They meet by chance at a romantic moment.

She finally finds her Prince Charming. He is a true gentleman, a man of love with all his attitudes. This refined, romantic man gets Asli to fall in love with him with scenes that can only be found in movies... As they continue their serious, discreet relationship they decide to get married.... Kerem takes his parents to ask for Aslis hand in marriage... everything is like from a fairy tale. But there is another side of the coin..